Wilderness Tourism in Northern BC

Claw Mountain Outfitters Winter Expedition 2018

Winter Expedition 2018 along with Carmen Rohrbach starts with leaving Black Lake and hoping to reach Toodoggone Lake before the end of the week. 
Wilderness Tourism in Northern BC

Winter Expedition 2018 Carmen Rohrbach

Latest News – Leaving for Toodoggone Lake

First weeks of March ….. leaving Black Lake and hoping to reach Toodoggone Lake before the end of the week. It is going to be the first part of the trip that will bring Carmen to her final destination at Chukachida Lake.

Due to the remoteness of where we (Claw Mountain Outfitters) organize our adventure trips, communication is not always possible. We want to use our satellite phones only for emergencies. So news, photo’s and stories sometimes take a week or so to reach our website.

Leaving Black Lake

Getting Toodoggone Lake

This time photo’s about leaving for Toodoggone Lake and the trip to get there. After leaving our Base Camp at Black Lake, we head north following an old mining road. After a few hours, we change our direction …. east towards Finlay Camp, where we had a rest and stayed for the night.
The next day it’s off to reach Toodoggone Lake. The silence, the snow… it’s all overwhelming. To be here with just a few people (our groups max 4 people), and this time it is just Carmen and the guide. Beautiful X-Country skiing, rolling hills … after a few hours, we reach the valley where the Toodoggone River runs. After a beautiful trip, we can see the cabin at Toodoggone Lake below us. Descent and get the fire going.
In the next few days, this will be our camp from which to make beautiful trips and prepare for the trip towards McClair Camp.

Getting Toodoggone Lake

winter trip
Toodoggone Lake winter
Toodoggone Lake snowmobiling

The Whole Story So Far Carmen Arriving at Black Lake

It is the end of February when Carmen Rohrbach arrives in Prince George – British Columbia / Canada. A week to buy supplies, to get used to low temperatures, test ski equipment and meet Rick Solmonson and his daughter Kayla Miller-Solmonson, the founders of Claw Mountain Outfitters. It is this company that she has chosen to support her with the preparation for her new book.
Carmen on her website: “Allein in einer Blockhütte in KANADA im kommenden Winter werde ich Einsamkeit, Kälte, Natur erleben. War gerade dort, um alles vorzubereiten.”
A book about life in the Taiga in winter, about coping with everyday life on your own, about loneliness, about nature, about back-to-basics. After spending time during the summer in this area on a guided hike she knew for sure ….. this area would be perfect for her new book.

Arriving at Black Lake

Carmen Rohrbach

Carmen on skis around Black Lake

Carmen Rohrbach on skis

Getting prepared for the start!

After flying in with Tim, our pilot, Carmen started getting ready for the physical and mental challenge that being on your own for 3 months in the Canadian winter presents. The X-country trips made around our base camp at Black Lake are excellent for just doing that. The temperature in the morning around -30 C, a beautiful blue sky and heaps of snow …. what more can you wish for.

Canadian winter photo shooting

Carmen on her preparation hike in summer

Carmen on her preparation hike in summer
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