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Let's Plan a Perfect Time Horseback Riding in Claw Mountain Outfitters Tours

Claw Mountain Outfitters horseback riding tour is a lifetime experience you can not skip. Enjoy this traditional way of life, along with a guide and a wrangler. Have fun with your teammate through horseback riding in Claw Mountain Outfitters tours.
Wilderness Tourism in Northern BC

Backcountry Horseback Riding Tours in BC

Horses have always been used for a variety of purposes, most notably transportation, leisure, and sports. In remote areas, horseback riding is mostly used for controlling herd animals on a ranch and transportation. Since it is not possible to drive vehicles in the backcountry, adventures in these areas are by hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Participating in backcountry horseback riding tours, in addition to enhancing your information about horses, makes it easier for you to cross difficult routes. In fact, by choosing such tours, you will learn the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the region, experience backcountry living and nature mysteries closely.
The warmer seasons of the year are the perfect time for backcountry horseback riding in BC. You can ride on a horse saddle and together with a guide, wrangler and pack horses go into the pristine nature of British Columbia and enjoy its beauty. You cross the Toodoggone river or Sturdee river, go up over Omineca Mountains, pass and trek through valleys and ride the horse into the backcountry. Your backcountry horseback riding package in BC includes a fourteen-day trip, during which you spend three to six hours in the saddle on riding days. Professional horseback riding requires training and skill acquisition. For our backcountry horseback riding tours in BC, you will be guided by an expert, we teach you the essentials and basics to begin an adventure in the heart of nature without even riding experience.

Northern British Columbia, One of the Best Places for Horseback Riding Tours

British Columbia is one of the best in the world for the attraction of the wilderness. For this reason, many nature lovers are drawn to backcountry tours in Northern BC to get away from today's chaotic life, enjoy the pristine nature and learn the lifestyle of the native people. Horses have always played an important role in remote areas and are used for many purposes including transportation, hunting, controlling herd animals, trail riding and hiking. If you are a fan of these gorgeous animals by registering for backcountry horseback riding tours you can learn about horse riding, horse behaviors, and reactions. Through horseback riding, you will not have any hassle for carrying the equipment you need, and you will see the pristine areas of British Columbia with minimal energy consumption. There are horse-passages at the main trails, but the horses will come to your aid for crossing the river or more difficult trails. There are also wild horses in remote Northern BC backcountry that are stunning to watch as they run, drink, and graze.
The riding days are interspersed with a few days at the cabin – and tent camps to relax. Here you can enjoy the landscape and the wild animals. You can fish in lakes and rivers, explore valleys or hike to the surrounding mountain peaks. Enjoy a campfire and swim in crystal clear waters. And in the morning, after a hearty breakfast, we look for the horses. In the distance, you can hear the sound of the bells around their necks. Refer to the tour packages page to book for backcountry horseback riding tours in BC.

Claw Mountain Outfitters Horseback Riding Adventure
Claw Mountain Outfitters Horseback Riding Adventure

The Impact of Horseback Riding on Human

All humans tend to avoid worry, stress, and daily problems. The more advanced the society, the less the role of the horse in it. Horse riding is like no other feeling. In fact, horseback riding can be medically linked to improved mental and physical health. The presence of horses in life gives us emotional comfort and physical support. There's an old joke that says “horse people are stable people”. Many studies have shown that horseback riders measure their emotional level more happily after riding. People who ride also find that they become more depressed the longer they go without riding. Horseback riding can increase happiness and reduce stress levels.

Your Companions on Backcountry Horseback Riding Tours in BC

Wrangler: The wrangler is one of the people who will accompany you on backcountry horseback riding tours in BC. Wranglers are skilled people who love to work with horses. They know about horses, the way they must care and the needs of horses more than anyone else. They can work outdoors in this remote area, in different climates and in different seasons. They are not only good at taking care of horses but they provide you with the necessary training on horseback riding and will give you a great deal of information about horses and wildlife in British Columbia.
Given the extent of the area, its location in the backcountry and the wildlife in BC, a tour guide is an essential requirement. He/she can give you more information about wildlife and how to live in nature besides helping you to travel safely and passing through specified trails. Take note of the tour guide strategies because although backcountry horseback riding tour packages in BC are specified, emergencies can reschedule them. The program can change due to weather conditions.
Never miss the experience of group life in nature. Teamwork is among the concerns of today's societies. In this adventure, you learn to work with others when dealing with problems and you find out that consultation is the best option for coming to solutions. Also, you can make new friends or go on horseback riding tours with your friends or family, you can go fishing together, enjoy talking and at the end of the day have the pleasure of gathering around the fire. The tour group consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants.

Tips for Backcountry Horseback Riding in BC

  • First of all, remember the wrangler's basic horseback riding educations.
  • Slowly approach the horse and do it from the side.
  • Never unexpectedly touch the back of a horse.
  • Don't hold your breath. In this situation, your body becomes tense, and this can make the horse nervous.
  • Don't ride too close. When horses get close to each other, they can annoy each other.
  • Listen to wrangler advice during backcountry tours in BC.
  • Wear suitable horseback riding boots.
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