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Here in Northern British Columbia, every spot of the pristine nature will be your photography subject. The unique landscape will give you a chance to capture pictures never seen before. Just take your camera and request for Claw Mountain Outfitters adventure tours
Wilderness Tourism in Northern BC

Claw Mountain Outfitters Photogenic Tours in BC

Nature photography is about focusing on plants, flowers, and animals that are photographed in the natural environment. Photographing these subjects that are sometimes moving is challenging and requires sufficient skill and technique and appropriate photography equipment. If you are one of those who love nature photography and would like to embark on a photogenic tour, we have a piece of great news for you. Here in British Columbia, you can capture the most fascinating landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes. Photogenic tours in BC have all of your ideas about wilderness and nature photography. Just pick up your equipment and head to British Columbia, it provides amazing opportunities for photogenic landscapes.
For breathtaking landscapes, you have Omineca Mountains, Chukachida Lake, and pristine wilderness that few people ever get to see. The locals of this area and tour guides will help you best capture the fantastic photos. The pristine nature and backcountry areas will guarantee that your photogenic tour is a unique experience. There are several options for choosing the type of photogenic tours in BC. You can choose from photogenic hiking tours, photogenic horseback riding tours or photogenic winter adventure tours. Don't miss the opportunity to photograph even when you are flying over wilderness in British Columbia.

Northern British Columbia, One of the Best Places for Photogenic Tours in the World

If you want to capture pictures that few have seen, don't miss the photogenic tours in BC. When you are photographing nature in Northern British Columbia, you can keep things natural while still having beautiful photos. No need to create artificial landscapes. This region of Northern British Columbia is far from technology and there are no roads for car traffic, it has thus retained its pristine character. The native people can bring you close to wolves, bears and other kinds of animal species, as well as the beauty of the huge mountains and deep valleys, the river, and lakes.
You can have the best photography in the morning or in the evening in Northern BC with natural light. This technique can create an emotional overlay to your images that with artificial light may not induce such a sensation. However, shooting at different times of the day can vary from season to season. It is best to check the range of color temperatures yourself. As each season has its beauty, consider this feature when choosing photogenic tours in BC. Northern British Columbia hosts thousands of northern birds in the fall and winter and migrating birds return to the area in spring and summer. All that being said makes it one of the best places for a photogenic tour. Make sure your camera has enough space to store photos. Because you can capture the most stunning vistas by hours of hiking, skiing, horseback riding or flying over British Columbia. As it is quoted as saying, "A picture paints a thousand words", we assure you that the photogenic tours in BC are one of the best places in the world. Refer to the tour packages page to book for photogenic tours in BC.

Claw Mountain Outfitters Nature photography
Claw Mountain Outfitters Nature photography

Photogenic Hiking Tours in BC

Are you a hiking lover? Interested in pristine nature photography? Love new adventures? Well, you are on the right track. We offer a range of seasonal adventure tours including photogenic hiking tours in BC along with a local guide. Your choice may be photogenic hiking tours in the spring or summer, so you will cross the meadow trails, traverse the highlands and valleys, enjoy the grazing of animals and take photogenic photos. In the cold seasons, the mountains gradually get snow and hiking in the snow becomes more difficult on foot. Increase your fitness for this trip because its hardness is worth your photogenic hiking tour in BC. Hiking through British Columbia you will not only get acquainted with the indigenous culture and lifestyle of the people in the area and soothe your soul and body but also you capture the image of these pristine landscapes forever.

Photogenic Horseback Riding Tours in BC

Horseback riding is possible in the non-snowy seasons of the year. With a guide, wrangler and pack horses you go horseback riding in Canada’s nature. By choosing photogenic horseback riding tours in BC, you will ride three to six hours on a saddle. Together with your horse and with the help of the local guide you cross rivers, go up over mountain passes and trek through valleys, ride the horse into the wilderness and capture the most beautiful landscapes. Horse riding can be fun. You need long-term training to become a professional rider but here in British Columbia, you enjoy the rides with the basic skills you will be given. During photogenic horseback riding in the real nature of BC, you'll learn more about horses. You see how they focus their ears, how they cross a river excitedly, how they gasp and sweat during climbs and hear how they snort for caution when they smell a bear.

Photogenic Winter Adventure Tours in BC

If you would like to have some pristine scenery in the winter, you can sign up for photogenic winter adventure tours in BC. British Columbia is spectacular all season, but don't keep winter magic away from your camera. Clear blue sky, fresh layers of snow, stunning heights from all angles, frozen lakes, and finally seeing animals with their dark mossy cover cracking endless white. All of these scenes you see on photogenic winter adventure tours in BC will capture your camera lens. If you are interested in taking pictures of a particular animal, get enough information from your guide about when the animal is active and its area of living and feeding. Cross-country photogenic adventure in the winter will be a different experience. You may ski between 4 and 6 hours a day. Together with your guide, you roam through this spectacular winter landscape, enjoying endless views and great photography. This winter tour on skis starts and ends in Smithers or Prince George, Canada.

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