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Request for CMO overnight hiking tours! Be a part of this beautiful, silent and pristine nature. Along with the team, pass through the wilderness in Northern BC to places that a few people ever get to see.
Wilderness Tourism in Northern BC

Claw Mountain Outfitters Overnight Hike in Northern BC

In urban life, while the smallest human needs are met, the pristine nature vacancy can be felt. The desire for simplicity and stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities and interacting with wildlife contrasts with urban life. In the arms of nature with all aspects of that, you can find yourself. It makes you centered, peaceful and joyful. Observing animals, beautiful plants and rivers, everywhere you look, you can find peace; there is no limitation for your imagination. By being in nature, you know your reality, it makes you a creative person and heals your soul and body.
Hiking trips in northern BC are one of the experiences you can enjoy for a lifetime. Overnight hike in Northern BC is popular not only because of its beauty and tranquility but also it's pristine. We make our way through the wilderness in Northern British Columbia to an area that a few people ever get to see. The nearest cities, Prince George and Smithers, can only be reached by floatplane, a journey that takes up to one and a half hours.

Northern British Columbia, One of the Best Places for Hiking in the World

With such capacities, Northern British Columbia is one of the best places for hiking in the world and it is a good destination for nature lovers. Don't miss the opportunity to get in touch with the natural world, the real wilderness, somewhere beyond your imagination. Listen to the wildlife, enjoy the beautiful rivers and highlands, and share all experiences in British Columbia with your teammates. You can spend your days and nights in pristine nature away from computers, mobile phones, and the rat-race world. Take steps and walk on a path that no car has ever crossed. Feel the tranquility and experience the beauty of all seasons with wilderness hiking trips in BC, away from today's technology and noise. Take your backpack and head to British Columbia, which is still home to indigenous Canadians; feel its history by living and experiencing the native people of the area.

Overnight Hike in Northern BC
Claw Mountain Outfitters Overnight Hike in Northern BC

Northern British Columbia Overnight Hiking

You may choose to have multi-day or overnight hiking or prefer to have a single day wilderness hiking trip in BC. Whatever your choice, it's time to leave the pressures of urban life for a while. Decide to clear your mind. Give up the hard life, toxic and unhealthy thoughts, and daily struggles and go with the natural flow of life. You are part of nature so return into the arms of Mother Nature sometimes and experience the local culture and lifestyle up close.
If you decide to go for an overnight hike in Northern BC and it's your first-time overnight hiking, you need to consider some tips for this adventure. There are some overnight hiking basics, depending on the details of the trip. You may decide for an overnight hike alone or in groups, you might experience an overnight hike in the rain or other weather conditions and maybe you want to know about animal species of the area, what you need for an overnight hike in Northern BC may vary.

Overnight Hiking Tours and Overnight Hiking Trails in Northern BC

You will never forget what you will experience on overnight hiking tours in Northern BC. You will have hours of hiking in a mountainous area in the heart of nature. You will experience a new life with friends. You will rest in a tent. By the fire, you refresh yourself with dinner. Then you will enjoy the beauty of the lake, the species of animals and the mountains and valleys again. You will cross the lake by boat with your native guide while you breathe the scent of nature. Overnight hiking tours and overnight hiking trails in Northern BC will be personalized to suit your tastes and desires. From one night to several nights you can visit this pristine and indigenous area and get a new experience with a traditional lifestyle away from technology. Overnight hiking tour and overnight hiking trail schedules can be changed depending on seasonal and weather conditions. Please bring your necessary equipment with you according to the weather. You can consult your tour guide for choosing overnight hiking tours and overnight hiking trails in Northern BC. Refer to tour packages page to see more overnight hiking tours and trails in BC.

Some Tips for Overnight Hike Trips in Northern BC:

  • First of all, it's better to consider the season in which you decide to hike
  • Use the gear list for overnight hiking
  • Find out about the overnight hiking trails
  • Know about the number of people accompanying you
  • Don't forget about teamwork and cooperation with our experienced guide
Equipment for Overnight Hike in Northern BC
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