horseriding in bc
horseriding in bc

Experience Real Nature in British Columbia, Canada




Hiking Trip

A physically demanding hiking adventure along with your guide, during which, on hiking days, you hike for four to eight hours. Sleep in a tent or under a tarp. Awaken while the fog rises over the lake. Eat at an open campfire. This hiking trip is unforgettable.

Horseback Riding Trip

This horseback riding trip, with a guide and a wrangler, is unforgettable. On riding days you spend between three to six hours in the saddle. Hear the horse’s hooves, smell the oiled saddle, see how excited your horse is when crossing a river. Fourteen days in the wilderness.

Winter Adventure Trip

A winter adventure trip accompanied by a guide you roam through this immense winter landscape. Detect fresh prints of wild animals and enjoy the endless views. You spend the night in cabins where a delicious meal and the warmth of the woodstove await you.

Back to Basics

With our adventure travel, you are at one with nature, in the wilderness. Away from computers, mobile phones, and packed roads. You truly feel part of nature. At Claw Mountain Outfitters, we love nothing more than to take you into the wilderness in the northern part of British Columbia (Western Canada). On horseback, on foot or skis. With our adventure tours in BC, you are at one with nature in the wilderness. 

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Touch The Real Nature

Get Back to Basics, literally! Drink clean water from the creeks, wash yourself in the river and grill your own fish that you caught that day, sat aside an open campfire. We think that simplicity is the key to being at one with nature. And so, you live for fourteen days without things such as electricity, running water and a hot shower. Luxury to us means silence and tranquility. Our trips are unlike any other trip you can find. At Claw Mountain Outfitters, you’re not simply booking an active holiday – you’re embarking on an adventure.

Adventure Tours

Claw Mountain Outfitters explores the Canadian wilderness in summer, as well as in winter. During our adventure travels in summer, you travel on foot, or on horseback. In the winter we travel on cross-country skis. The groups are small. You have considerable freedom of choice during the trip. From our base camp we cross the Omineca Mountains to Chukachida Lake - or in the opposite direction, depending on the start date of the trip.
During the journey we make our way through the wilderness in Northern British Columbia. An area that few people ever get to see. In this pristine wilderness you really feel away from everything and you live in nature’s rhythm. The nearest cities, Prince George and Smithers, can only be reached by floatplane, a journey that takes up to one and a half hours. Read more!

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Why Claw Mountain Outfitters?

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

As travelers seek new and different experiences, adventure tourism continues to grow in popularity. Adventure tourism, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, is a tourist activity that includes a physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature. You don’t necessarily have to go base jumping or go scuba diving with sharks to be an adventure tourist (although those activities definitely qualify).

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

From our base camp at Black Lake in British Columbia, we make our way through the wilderness of Western Canada.

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

During your active vacation, our guides will take you on unique routes while you ride, hike or ski through real nature

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Back to Basics, it implies the simple life, no luxury, no warm/cold running water, no electricity, and sleeping under the stars.

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Actually the wilderness of British Columbia is a place where you can easily roam for months and do whatever you really want.

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Established in 2007, Claw Mountain Outfitters today is widely recognized as a leading adventure tour provider in northern British Columbia and a reliable partner for the adventure travel industry around the world. Claw Mountain Outfitters started as a family owned and operated business. Rick Solmonson and his daughter Kayla have been the driving force behind everything that has been achieved so far.

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